István Lovász | 2017. February 08. 09:24

In December 2016 we (Pazirik Informatics Ltd.) were invited to a scientific discussion meeting organized by the Digital Humanities Initiative research group of the Central European University. The goal of the Meet-up was to connect successful IT company representatives and university co-workers in form of a round table session. The speakers where students and university lecturers with various backgrounds in humanities. Besides the traditional humanities approaches the researchers wanted to implement the outcome of the digital era in their researches. Six presentations where held in the afternoon and all of them focused on a particular problem or initiative witch investigated their topic in collaboration with the IT specialists. The session was successful, all of the presenters obtained new perspectives for their future work thanks to the high-standard program.

We thank the Central European University for the invitation and the opportunity!

2017. February 08. 09:24
István Lovász
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