Danube Limes UNESCO World Heritage Site Nomination workshop meeting

István Gergő Farkas | 2017. August 09. 07:54

On the 1st and 2nd of August the participants of the international committee for the joint nomination of the Danube Limes of the Roman Empire met in Pressburg, Slovakia within the framework of a professional workshop. The aim of this monunent protection initiated by German, Austrian, Slovak and Hungarian colleagues is to draw public attention to the common history of the Danubian region and to promote the cultural tourism of the area. The Pazirik Informatics Ltd. created the online WHS-CLIR database module which served as a framework for the nomination works of the Hungarian party. The WHS-CLIR is part of the scientific database CLIR, developed by Pazirik in collaboration with the University of Pécs.

2017. August 09. 07:54
István Gergő Farkas
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