Europe from above – Hungary film shooting

Balázs Szakonyi | 2020. August 11. 14:05

We had the great honour back in June, 2020 that we had been contacted by the assistant producer of Windfall Films, as proposed by the Hungarian Touristic Agency. We have been requested to participate in the shooting of the film series Europe from above. The episode will be about Hungary this time, seven locations will be revealed, of these one is Szigliget castle, where the Pazirik team was executing digital surveys. Two colleagues of ours Norbert Sandó and Balázs Szakonyi were doing photogrammetric surveys that provide data for us to be able to specify the theoretical 3D virtual reconstruction of different construction periods of the castle. Laser scanning was done by the employees of Geodézia Ltd. 3D animated aerial footages are rendered of these 3D models which were created according to the guidance of Balázs Szőke art historian. We also gave a short interview during the shooting of the film, parts of this are included in the episode. The episode is aired on the NatGeo channel.

2020. August 11. 14:05
Balázs Szakonyi
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