Abaújvár – Earth castle along the River Hernád

Balázs Szakonyi | 2018. May 17. 12:11

The earth ramparts of Abaújvár are the oldest remains of the fortifications of medieval Hungary, the castle used to be the seat of a reeve, it’s golden age was between the 11th and the 14th centuries. The 11th century theoretical reconstruction of the habitation has been created under the supervision of Gergely Buzás for the Várak, lovagok, királyok (Castles, knights, kings) exhibition. After creating the model, we thought it would be great to walk around the perimeter in a short animated movie, and we could test the character animation as well which was created by Digitális Legendárium for our authentic characters. The video is a test at the same time, where we first implemented animation, background noises, voice over and music at such a level. The outcome speaks for itself, so in the future we will encounter these solutions more often. The lesson from this short film is that the funny background conversations are very popular, and the people’s acclaim towards this is very visible after they’ve viewed the film. Nothing proves the popularity of the film better than the fact that such internet media portals have presented it in their short articles, like Index or HVG. These can be read in Hungarian below:

HVG cikk

INDEX cikk

2018. May 17. 12:11
Balázs Szakonyi
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