István Gergő Farkas | 2017. January 05. 12:08

In December 2016, the Sehir University of Istanbul housed a workshop discussing the future of historic sciences. Alongside lecturers of the host institute, Turkish and Hungarian reenactors, experimental archaeological experts, museum workers of various institutions (the Hungarian National Museum, the Dobó István Castle Museum and the Museum and Library of Hungarian Agriculture) and colleagues from the Pazirik Informatics Ltd. participated in the two-day event. Roundtable discussions included the relation between history enthusiasts and professionals, the legal background of experimental archaeology and the subject of our own special interest, the application of innovative information technologies in research and museum exhibitions as well as outlining the details of joint future work.

The workshop was concluded in a positive manner, we look forward to a collaboration between Turkish and Hungarian partners. Official programme included a memorable dinner organized by our hosts and fortunately there was also enough time for sightseeing, although our colleagues agreed, that even a month would not suffice to tour the rich heritage of Istanbul.


2017. January 05. 12:08
István Gergő Farkas
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