Balázs Szakonyi | 2016. December 22. 14:46

The CAA international conference was held in May 2015 in Cieszyn, Poland. CAA is an abbreviation for Computer Applications in Archaeology. On the first day of the 3 day-long conference lectures were given to the audience, while the second day continued with workshops and mini lectures. The third day was spent with a city tour and museum visits including the beer distillery with centuries of history. On behalf of Pazirik Ltd. Norbert Sandó, Balázs Szakonyi and Mátyás Végh gave a lecture on Virtual historic reconstructions. One of the big lessons the conference has given us is that the older Central-European researchers still approach the modern and digital technologies with caution and by keeping some distance. However the younger generations received the lectures with great interest, so our endeavours may be evaluated successful.

2016. December 22. 14:46
Balázs Szakonyi
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