Balázs Szakonyi | 2016. December 22. 14:50

In the July of 2016 we participated in a very interesting scientific conference dealing with the surveying and research of gothic vaults including the possibilities of theoretical reconstructions. This took place in London, in the building of the University of Liverpool.
Balázs Szőke, Gergely Buzás and Balázs Szakonyi gave a presentation at the event under the title “Role of the “horizontal ribs” in late gothic vault constructions in Hungary”. On the first day of the 2 day-long conference lectures were held, while on the second day workshops took place. The symposium was aimed to generalize the terminology of gothic vaults, and also to research the technological possibilities of photogrammetry and laser scanning, virtual reconstructions and other modern techniques. Researchers came from every corner of the world with very interesting perspectives and data. The peculiar characteristics of Hungarian gothic architecture presented with the graphical quality familiar at Pazirik Ltd. was received by the gathered colleagues with great interest. We hope there will be a continuation of this initiative!

2016. December 22. 14:50
Balázs Szakonyi
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